Monkey Classroom

Monkeys:  Our infant room is a quiet, nurturing environment, where infants can eat sleep and explore on their own schedule and learn the feelings of trust, security and attachment.




Hippo Classroom

Hippos:  For the toddlers, a room of fun and challenges, where children develop autonomy, self-help and language skills in an accepting environment.




Lion Classroom

Lions:  Busy and exuberant, this is the place where two year olds can become actively involved in focused play within an environment designed for children to make appropriate choices.




Giraffe Classroom

Giraffes:  Three year olds are introduced to the concepts and foundations of later learning while developing relationships and negotiation skills necessary for social competency.




Elephant Classroom

Elephants:  Four and five year olds are encouraged to discover and explore as they construct their own knowledge through continued exposure to the concepts of early literacy, math and science.